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Doing It Naturally in the Pacific Northwest presents:

Author, Artist, and Natural sister-Teri Laflesh will be our guest speaker for the May 23rd meeting!

Sunday, May 23, 2010
3:30pm - 5:30pm
Life Enrichment Book Store

Teri resides here in Washington, Her book 'Curly Like Me' is being released Spring 2010 and she was a member of the original Seattle Natural Hair Group. Don't miss this meeting you are in for an informative treat! Check out her hair BLOG below!
Author Teri LaFlesh will guide us in discussion as we learn to love our hair!

Her book, Curly Like Me is the off-the-grid, do-it-yourself owner's manual for tightly curly hair:
•Learn how to wear your own curls in their natural curl patterns
•Over 250 photographs and illustrations
•Includes the best products, tools, ...ingredients, curl-enhancing hairstyle ideas, tips for growing out your perm, and more
•Shows you pain-free techniques on how to comb and style your curls or your child's curls
•Over thirty easy, curl-enhancing hairstyle ideas, tips for growing out your perm, and more
•Helps you save money by avoiding costly treatments, products, marketing misinformation, and frequent salon visits so you can enjoy your own curls without pain, chemicals, or the use of weaves or extensions
• The story (with lots of photos) of Teri's journey from hair broken by relaxers, texturizers, improper care, trying to force it to conform, and fighting her weave addiction to finally understanding her own curls. Now her natural hair reaches to her hips.
End your struggles with misunderstood, damaged hair and begin your journey to thriving natural curls. Applying the ideas and information in this book will show you how to love your hair the way it really is. Curly Like Me empowers you to take back the care of your hair so you can let your own beautiful curls shine.

SPONSORED BY: Doing It Naturally! (In The Pacific Northwest), is a group formed for women of color, by women of color who wear their hair in its Natural state. We gather to provide encouragement, affirmation and information. We embrace our Natural hair and all of the adventures involved with keeping it healthy, sexy and fly! Sharing our experiences and supporting each other in transition and maintenance, we aim to increase awareness, acceptance, pleasure and exposure around Natural hair, for our Sistahs in the Pacific Northwest. Join us if you like Doing It Naturally too!
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