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Hi Ladies. You all have been a great inspiration in keeping my curls looking great. I though tI would get your opinion on coloring my hair. Currently my hair is jet black as it has been my entire life. I want to a change, a nice lighter color for summer. Something like this. How would I achieve this color. I've got the curls now i just need some color.

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    I don't have much experience with dark hair -- my own hair is blonde -- but if you hair is JET black, you probably should have a hair stylist do it. Reason being you will need some pretty major bleaching to lift the color that much, and there is a lot of potential for either brassy orange OR tons of damage if you don't do it right.

    I tried to bleach my husband's dark brown hair to blond once and it turned bozo orange. I bleached it again and it was banana yellow. He ended up shaving his head.
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