only part of my hair takes color...

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I just colored my hair, a bit lighter than the dark brown it's been, and the color only took from the root to about 1-2 inches down! it looks absurd! I'm going to get it fixed this weekend... But whenever I color it, after a few times, the color just doesn't take... Is that normal? is it that "metallic build up" I've heard the stylists talk about from drug store color in a box????
just wondering if anyone had any ideas...???
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    That's normal -- and especially noticeable if you're attempting to go lighter than the previous color job. Color developers that you use with color processes -- even high lift 30vol -- do not remove color very well. You have to use bleach to remove the extant color, then re-tint.

    The new growth isn't subject to this issue, so it takes the lift just fine, and appears over-processed relative to the length of your hair. Thus: hot roots.
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    Generally if you are trying to go lighter on hair that has been dyed a darker shade, you need to use a color remover first. Then dye over it in the lighter shade.

    The other thing to remember is that bleach and high lift colors work faster in conjunction with heat. The warmth of your scalp will make the roots lift lighter than the ends. Hence the phenomenon of white roots with orange-y ends which many of us have experienced ;)
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