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I finally got my gray hair soft. Now, can someone tell me how to control the flyaways without putting on so much gel that my hair dries to a helmet?


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    I love LOOB (L'Oreal Out Of Bed). A little bit goes a long way. It has a water soluble cone, but I alternate co-washing and low-pooing and don't have any problems with build up. I put some in a tiny container and always carry it in my purse. It works great!!!
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    My neighbor, who is a hairdresser, gave me a Matrix conditioner to try. It does have silicone. I gave it a try this morning along with a handful of [buylink=]deva angel[/buylink]. I guess I will see how it does after my hair dries. I'm hesitant to go back to silicones, but I am also tired of looking like the wild woman of the woods.

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