Need help with transitioning in washington (state)

MissTashaMissTasha Posts: 12Registered Users
I live in Bremerton, WA... I don't know any hair salon that specialize in transitioning your hair from relax to natural..


  • calmwithcurlscalmwithcurls Posts: 78Registered Users
    This is a great website to get inspiration. You should look at the photos with people that have similar hair types to your hair. Checking out the transitioning forum or looking at the hall of shame is also inspiring because of getting to see all the girls what are going the same thing you are. What also helps me is knowing I have the support of my family and some friends. Even though it's not the most inspiring thing in the world it's great to have support close to you. On and they have stories if those who had completed their journey. Exploring this website really helps and getting involved by asking questions too is a great way to transition. I wish to you the best of luck! :hello1:

    P.S. Another thing that kinda helps me for some reason is my little signature that you can make using the user CP thing. A lot of people use it to keep track of how far they have gone and remind them of their goal. People use websites to make them some times which is usually on the signature. I make it so I have to update to encourage me to become more involved.
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    No advice on salons for transitioning, but wanted to let you know that I'm in Everett, wa so you are not alone up here. I have been going to a stylist for trims every couple months and gradually cutting off the relaxed ends since I don't want to do the Big Chop. Good Luck!
  • Nicky791Nicky791 Posts: 679Registered Users
    Good luck on your transition!

    I really dont think that you need a hair salon during your transition, actually one of the reasons why I transitioned is so I didn't have to go to the salon!

    I think this time will give you a great opprotunity to learn more about your hair, what it likes, dislikes and how to better care for it and experiment with styling. That's what I did, and i'm much happier that I made that one will know and understand your hair better than yourself!

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