Curly Hair in the work place

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First time poster but this article on MSN pissed me off

The article says people with straight hair is taken more serious in the work place and curly hair is carefree.

Does a work place feel that people with straight hair is easier to control because they can easily control their hair and that curly hair people can't because their hair is unpredictable.

What i want to know is when did this curly hair get this stereotype. Or am I just reading way to much from one paragraph.


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    I think you may be reading too much into it. This is one article and someone's opinion. Someone who probably has been very lucky in his/her job and probably has straight hair. I doubt that advancement would be denied simply based how your hair's texture, length, and color. It's just silly. Getting a promotion in the workplace is hard enough without throwing in somone's hair.

    And if you do find yourself in this situation, I suggest you contact your HR department or find a new job because I would suspect that something else is going on other than your hair.

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    I do think this stereotype is out there, but it's not worth worrying about. Personally, I think my hair looks more "professional" when it has an actual style to it. When I tried to fight the wave, I resorted to ponytails a lot, or it just kind of hung there. I think if we have the courage to make our hair look great -- and not worry about what a few shortsighted people say/think -- then we will come across as confident, competent, and professional.

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    I think this is related to the fact that there are still a lot of curlies out their that don't know how to care for their hair! If someone thinks you look unkempt or like you're not making an effort, their not going to want to hire you. Straight hair is not fool-proof, but its generally easier to manage.
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    I see a lot of women who wear their curls in pigtails...really? How old are you? Sometimes it can look cute on the right person in the right place, but generally, no...frizziness, or a look of a lack of caring, is unprofessional, IMO, and like someone said there's still a lot of women who don't care for their curls, so they go to work looking unpolished and therefore unprofessional.

    But, I do think curly=wild, in our culture.
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