2 weeks cg, process pics + need help!

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hi all!
i've been wandering around this site for a couple months and decided to start cg two weeks ago. i suppose i've had wavy/curly hair all my life but didn't notice it until a year or two ago. i used to ALWAYS blow dry my hair or straighten it. (very hard to straighten, but when curled with iron it held all day). i figured out i could scrunch it but still didn't understand my hair.
pre cg:

from what i can tell, my hair has normal-low elasticity, normal-high porosity. i can't tell if i have fine or coarse hair, i'm inclined to say medium since i have friends who have much more fine and much more coarse than i. i used to have a lot of hair but have noticed in the past year that it is less dense.
i used a sulfate shampoo then started using suave naturals coconut to co wash, with gf triple nutrition as the rinse out (sometimes leaving in) and la looks sports as my gel.
after first co wash:
at first i was pleased but on the second wash i started to notice a difference between the hair around my face and the hair towards the back. when wet and scrunched, everything is equally curly, but when dried the back falls into subtle waves. i'm not concerned about the frizziness, just about the definition of curls and volume.
day 3:

one week:

this past week i've noticed my hair is limp and gross, also my scalp is really oily and has begun to smell. i haven't had much dandruff and my scalp isn't itching at all. i'm co-washing every other day, and wearing second day hair in an updo. i think i desperately need a no-poo or low-poo for better scalp cleansing, at least for now. and im struggling between knowing if my hair needs protein or more moisture (front curls vs. back waves?) i don't think lalooks sg is enough hold (it seems to be in the front but not back) and i think my hair might respond better to curl cream. any suggestions? also, anything on the cheaper $ side, college student here :) help please!!


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    For my low-poo I use organix coconut milk shampoo about once a week to remove product build-up! It made my hair soft and did not dry it out at all. It costs about $6 and you can get it at any drugstore, and does not contain sulfates!. I'd do the low-poo no more than every other day. And for my co-washing I use "hairone" cleansing conditioner (no sulfates) that I bought at sally's for $10! I got the olive oil one for dry hair. It leaves my hair clean for the most part, but I follow up with reg. shampoo bc it is not enough to condition my hair. But I have heard good things about the curls brand cleansing conditioner which you can get at target for $10. I am going to try it once I run out of the hairone (heard about it after I bought the harione, and I hate to waste money). I hate lalooks gel! It leaves so much buildup and it flakes up! I use Labella lots of curls get that costs $3 and I LOVE it! It does not flake at all, and I can only find it at CVS. You should be doing a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. I have heard good things about neutrogena triple moisture, but I bought Pantene curly moisture treatment , but I haven't tried it yet. Idk much about protein, I use more of African American treatments for this since I "tex-lax" my hair, so I couldn't really make a recommendation.
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    My hair looks kind of similar, sort of, and i have the same thing too, sometimes. I had a period of annoying buildup there for a while but i got rid of it:)
    I think a few things might help:
    An ACV rinse every now and again- i think it will spruce up your hair nicely and give it back some life. I do 4 tablespoons of vinegar in 5 cups of water. Any vinegar will do really but i like ACV.
    Baking soda rinse to get rid of buildup.
    Make some homemade flax seed gel... it is awesome in my hair. There is a mamoth thread on it here and it is very easy to make.
    For more hold in the back, try biosilks rock hard gelle.

    You can lo poo if you like, but for me i decided to try and resist and bought some curl junkie daily fix cleansing conditioner. I only use it rarely so i can get rid of buildup issues.

    Also i rotate my co-washe conditioner alot.. i found my recent one: vo5 strawberry was causing buildup. Maybe the protien not sure.. but yeah maybe try some dif suaves to see if maybe they clean better.
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    Beautiful curls! It can take 4 - 6 weeks for your scalp and hair to adjust to CG. I had several weeks of kinda gross hair while transitioning, but the curls got better and better as my hair became moisturized. It takes some experimenting to see what works for your hair. The ACV rinses are great for mild buildup, and brown sugar scrubs can help, too. Try to decrease cowashing to once a week, be sure to really scrub/massage your scalp with your fingertips, and rinse well. Try water washing on non cowash days - wet hair, scrub scalp, use conditioner to detangle, rinse well, apply styling products. Give CG some time, and your curls will thrive.
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    thanks guys! i will definitely be trying the baking soda rinse and acv rinse as well. hopefully that will subdue the oil for the first few weeks.

    dandy - it does look like our hair is pretty similar; if mine turns out to look like yours i will be soo happy! thanks for the diary, ill be following and experimenting too.

    i'm so excited for this homemade flax seed gel...i'll keep this all up and see how it goes! :icon_smile:

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