Roots growing out.. to color or not?

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back before finding CG, I had let a friend of mine who was finishing up her cosmotology classes) highlight and color my hair. It covered (cammophlaged the gray) and I loved it. Now she's moved away - and I got roooooots like you wouldnt believe! And like, hello where did ALL that gray come from??????

So.. Im wondering what anyone might suggest as far as what to do, and what to use that is more curly friendly. What products seem to work the best. The color always seemed to wash out so fast and curl this yellow color... and I love the red.. but ugh!

Any suggestions and tips are welcome ...
Rhonda in Houston
Curly in Houston, TX. - Joined 5/2010. 3B fine - allergic to Sodium Laurel Sulf.


  • wendi.wendywendi.wendy Registered Users Posts: 174
    I can recommend Naturtint as a fairly gentle colorant (there's no ammonia) that really covers the heck out of gray hair. :) I've seen it at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe and Fruitful Yield.

    I was coloring my hair an auburn shade (it's normally dark brown) with Nice n Easy. When I switched to Naturtint, most people said it would go on darker so to choose 2 shades lighter than what I wanted.

    I picked Terracotta Blonde, which was a little freaky (using a 'blonde' color on my hair, I mean). It was perfect. Gave me nice auburn color, covered the gray really well...long-lasting color, and was super gentle on my hair. I'll definitely keep using it.

    I didn't bleach it beforehand -- all I used was the Terracotta Blonde Naturtint on my dark brown hair. Good stuff! :thumbright:
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  • Rhonda FRhonda F Registered Users Posts: 23
    Thanks for the reply. I think I saw that at the Tri Health health food place where I found some products to try. I'll try to swing back by there and see Natritent was it. I've been told to stay away from henna.. if its like the tattoo I tried once, it didnt stick. go figure.

    Curly in Houston, TX. - Joined 5/2010. 3B fine - allergic to Sodium Laurel Sulf.
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    There's BAQ (body art quality) henna -- which is pure henna; and then there's compound henna -- which is some little bit of henna mixed with godknowswhat. Pure, BAQ henna *sticks* to hair. It's cumulative, and very permanent.

    Different areas on the skin take henna dye differently.
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    I can attest to the sticking power of henna! My grays are really coarse, and they take henna just fine, and it doesn't wash out or fade over time.

    I've been doing it since October (just roots since the original all-over treatment), and I'd happily recommend it to anyone.

    Just make sure you get PURE henna, not some kit off a shelf somewhere.
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  • Rhonda FRhonda F Registered Users Posts: 23
    I've heard you could use coffee rinse, or even coffee in your deep conditioner. I'm still reading and debating to try it. If it will color the roots and gray, it might be something more gentle to use while my hair heals.

    Curly in Houston, TX. - Joined 5/2010. 3B fine - allergic to Sodium Laurel Sulf.

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