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Pink_MelodyPink_Melody Posts: 9Registered Users
For some reason I only made it to 2 weeks before stopping. Because I couldn't find the time to do the styling and waiting for my hair to dry. But i've decided to try it again. But I do have some questions.

What do you do if you don't have time to shower in the morning? Does showering at night work?

How would you fix your hair when you did wake up?

Or what if you are at a friends house?

And if I use a hairbrush, like while at a friends house. Will I have to start CG all over again?


  • bedheadbedhead Posts: 9Registered Users
    Hi -- I've been CG since December and I'm still figuring a lot of this out myself.
    My hair does take a lot longer to dry now. I'm lucky that I'm not often on a schedule after I shower and I still leave the house with damp hair pretty frequently.
    Slept-on, second or third day hair is rarely good to me. I squeeze in a handful of my leave in conditioner to help tame frizz and reshape curl... or I cop out with a high, messy ponytail. If I slept over somewhere, I guess it would depend on if I had my products or not!
    Brushing my hair doesn't really tempt me. I have enough frizz issues already! I guess it would encourage breakage and ruin your curl pattern, which isn't very CG? But unless the brush is soaked in 'cone products, I don't think it would mean you have to "start over" completely.
    I hope this helps, or at least a bump might get you answers from someone more experienced!
    I've been off shampoo since before the holidays and off 'cones for a couple of months -- today is my first day of "ah ha!" hair, so I will say it's taking time and patience. But I think it may be worth it!
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    I have showered at night, and just used my 2nd-day routine in the morning. Spritz in a mixture of water, condish and oil (I have dry hair), fluff and go.

    You should never use anyone else's styling implements. If at a loss use your own clean fingers.

    And secret of the ages: a LOT of people fall off the CG wagon. I tell myself that it's about the big picture, and doing what is good for my hair overall, because so much of the CG way makes sense. But I don't beat myself up over falling off. Maybe it's not for you and you need to modify somewhat to fit your lifestyle.
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