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What is a bump?

How do I insert smilies within a post?

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    Curlyincanada: All of the posts are listed in order...newest to oldest. The older a topic is, the further down the page it goes until it ends up on page 2 or further. When someone wants you to see a topic, they sometimes reply to the topic simply by typing "bump". They don't have anything to add to the topic...they just want to scoot it up to the top of page 1 so everyone will see it. For example, if you asked me about getting free samples, I could go to the topic where we previously discussed it, type "bump" (or something equally silly!) and it would move to page 1 where you would be more likely to see it. smile.gif To make smilies, click on "post reply" and look to the left of the box where you type your reply. Click on "smilies legend" and you will see how to make all the cute faces! biggrin.gif HTH! (Hope that helped!)

    I almost can go to the section called "newbies welcome" and change the thing at the top that asks how many days you want to view to "show all topics" and you'll learn alot of stuff! smile.gif

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    Thanks Peppy, you have been very helpful!

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