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So, my mom hates my hair. I'm not even completely natural yet. Today we went to the hair salon to get our hair done. After my hair was washed but before it was blow dried, my mom got a good look at my fluffy hair. She told me I needed a relaxer. I told her I didn't. Her response? "You just don't want a relaxer. Because you definitely need one." Mind you, she is complaining WAAAAY more than the stylist and she hasn't touched my hair in about fifteen years. My hair is healthier than ever and all she can see is its height. She told me she would never let her hair get that big. After I got my hair straightened (I don't do it often... I swear...), I said, "See? It's not big anymore." "But look at all the work it took. [insert stylist's name here]'s arm should be tired." What made me happy? The stylist told my mom that she needed a touch up but said nothing about my 8.5 months post-relaxer hair except that it's fullness is a good thing.
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    Aww...Stay Strong! You can Complete the Transition!
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    Moms can be hard to deal with when it comes to hair..My mom is natural with locs and has suggested that I should get a perm a few times..She also says my hair is pretty and she likes it. But perms are all that most ppl see so its an expectation of conformity. But I continue to reject and rebel :)
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