Looking for a salon that cuts curly kids hair in Dallas Fort Worth area

cloverkmomcloverkmom Registered Users Posts: 1
I am lost when it comes to curly hair! Doing lots of research, but need a hair stylist for my 5 year who knows how to cut curly hair...mixed Asian and African American hair...

Thanks y'all!


  • NprovyNprovy Registered Users Posts: 2
    Have you tried the Styling Hutch in Plano? They are trained in the Oidad method I believe. Don't know if they specifically cut kids hair, but I don't see why not... I used to go to them; now I use a girl at Bo Salon in Austin. Not sure if we're allowed to use names on this forum so I'll just say that if you call them and ask for the girl who cuts curly hair, they will know who you're talking about.

    You are definitely doing the right thing looking for a stylist that specializes in curly hair. It never occurred to my mother, so my hair got butchered my whole childhood...
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    I haven't tried either the Styling Hutch or Valdeh (who is a former S.H. stylist who opened his own space across the street) but I've heard many recommendations for BOTH places from friends with curly children and once my daughter turns 3, I'll be taking her there (can't imagine her sitting still in a strange chair/place for too long without a meltdown!). Both places have websites: www.valdeh.com, and www.thestylinghutch.com

    Let us know what you think! Good luck!
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    I have a friend in Grand Prairie who is has her cosmetologist's license and cuts hair in her home, she has curls and has 2 curly little ones. She did a great job on my hair, and was happy to cut it dry! She will be the one cutting my little guy's hair when he actually has enough to cut :) PM me if you want her name/number.
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