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"Desperate Housewives Hair Scare"

Please. Sure, her hair is kind of big, but why the curl hate? :evil:
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  • Laura P.Laura P. Registered Users Posts: 23
    I would kill to have hair like that.
  • SCGSCG Registered Users Posts: 5,416

    Don't people understand this is highly insulting? Do they figure that anyone with curly hair obviously has a perm, and therefore isn't being rude if they say something snarky about a woman's natural hair pattern?

    I hate pop culture.

    ETA: The person in the picture looks like she might have a perm, but I'm talking about curl-hate in entertainment in general.


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  • Catsmd71Catsmd71 Registered Users Posts: 93 Curl Neophyte

    Ok, well I saw that episode and hated her hair too. It just didn't look right on her and there were a few too many layers. But the curls are gorgeous and had they not hairsprayed it to death, I think it would be gorgeous. Curls are making a comeback, but the 80's is LONG over. I think there's a LOT more tolerance to curls now however, I always feel like there is a preference to straight hair.

    for example on the Country Music Channel's Dallas Cowboy cheerleader search show, ALL girls but ONE had straight, and fake for many, hair. Very upsetting to me. Just show your curls down, healthy and natural. That's true beauty.
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  • DominicanaHeatDominicanaHeat Registered Users Posts: 2,729
    I don't like her hair...it DOES have that 80's Ogilvie Home Perm model on the box feel to it.


    I think someone in the comments said it best that curly hair is great but the hairstyle was too Kelly LeBrock.

    They could have styled it differently and more modern and kept it curly as well.

    But I totally agree that the poster's comments about curly hair in general were uncalled for. I know these supposed pop culture experts try to come off as very sarcastic and witty but those comments were just obnoxious and rude.

    I loved these comments:
    Why do you have to be a Curl Hater? And obviously your lame locks haven't read up on any style mags. Not only are leg warmers and leggings back but so is BIG HAIR. So shame on you! Quite frankly I think Eva Longoria's (Gabby's) style could use some refreshing...
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  • Catsmd71Catsmd71 Registered Users Posts: 93 Curl Neophyte

    I hear you. Curls are so scrutinized. Get over it planet earth. Just accept them, wear them and STOP chemically straightening them. Please STOP> Never did it, never will.

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