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I've had my hair colored for years, but since trying to go CG the permanent color is fading (root touchups) while the Shades semi-permanent came out way too dark. I'm using Deva low-poo and CJDF, Deva One or Aquage healing conditioner. I thought that without sulfates, color would last longer. My stylist is baffled and wants me to stick with Pureology. Any ideas?


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    My first guess would be that your hair is behaving differently since it no longer has any silicone residue on it.

    Generally, color taking too dark/fading too quick is due to high porosity. My hair is quite porous, alas, so demi-permanent color usually takes darker than expected.

    Now, porous hair tends to retain darker and ashier tones more than red/gold if your ends are staying darker than they should with your usual color, perhaps trying a level lighter and more golden would help?

    Since you've been dying your hair for years, I would surmise it is pretty porous; but your roots are probably a lot less porous than your length. Are you gray at the roots? My gray stripe is VERY resistant which makes it challenging to cover; the gray needs a much stronger developer than the non-gray parts. Is the color fading from all your roots, or just the gray parts?

    I really doubt it is the products fading the color; I tend to think that perhaps having your hair naked (so to speak) of silicones is what is causing the color to behave differently.
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    I think you're right about porosity and stylist can change color she pulls through to compensate. Not sure what to do about fading at the roots. Have been using Pureology per stylist, much less color fade but hair does feel dry.

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