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Coily Encounters (of facebook) sponsoring the SC NATURAL HAIR GATHERING!!!

We have several companies (OVER 13) that have agreed to sponsor donations for the event.

For example, Oyin Handmade confirmed that they will be providing a special coupon to all attendees.

Coily Encounters choose the park, because we didn't want to have a TIME RESTRICTION on talking about what we love, OUR HAIR!!

Ladies, you do not want to miss this event
scheduled for May 22, 2010.

Festivities begin at 2 PM and are scheduled to last til 9 PM!!

Food and refreshments will be served to attendees,

Greenville is 1.5 hrs away from Charlotte.
Greenville is 1.5 hours away from Columbia.
Greenville is 2 hours away from Atlanta!

It will be worth the trip, just for the goody bag, ALONE!!
Please RSVP through our group via facebook- entitled COILY ENCOUNTERS
to be given on a first come, first serve basis

No facebook, no need to me at [email protected]
I love my curls!


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    Each day, we will have a SPONSOR on the day! Dont have Facebook!

    We will give hints as to who the sponsor is. Sort of like a Natural Scavenger Hunt.

    The sponsor of today is ....Koils By Nature!!!

    Thank you Koils for such a wonderful contribution!!!
    I love my curls!
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    Greenville is hrs away from 1.5 COLA and CHARLOTTE!
    The event is free of charge.

    Greenville is 1.5 hrs away from Charlotte
    Greenville is 1.5 hrs away from Columbia
    Greenville is 2 hrs away from Atlanta

    Driving ALL THEY WAY from VIRGINIA!!!!
    Also , just confirmed that Pretty Natural Divas of You Tube, will be at the event-

    Stay tuned to their blog, for interviews from the committee members, who are hosting the event!
    I love my curls!
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    Please rsvp!! we still have gifts coming in!!!
    I love my curls!
  • Nyla-CoilsNyla-Coils Posts: 83Registered Users
    The event was a blast! We have several events planned for June!! Prizes and give-aways!!! Please join the group! COILY ENCOUNTERS! Follow us on Twitter: Coily Encounters
    I love my curls!

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