Getting color, what should I do to prepare & keep the co

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On Thursday I am going to have my hair lightened, but not with bleach, only with color. I was wondering if there is anything that anyone would reccommend I do before and after I have my hair done to keep it looking its best (colorwise) and keep it healthy? I am already CG so I don't use poo anyway. Thanks in advance for the help! ~~jax
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    I lighten with color and I like to do a protein DT a day or two before. My product of choice is Hi-Pro-Pac For Extremely Damaged Hair. However, the one I get here is way cheaper (maybe 'cause it's made in a city 20 mins. away...) and the ingredients aren't exactly the same and the container looks different. But now that I think about it I had to go to 3 beauty supplies to get it and there was only one big bottle left (12 oz.) and one 6 oz. tube. Maybe they recently changed the formula/packaging and those were the last ones...

    It's good to do other DTs rich in emollients after coloring but avoid mineral oil, it'll pull color out.
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