Vegan pound cake

KatanyaKatanya Registered Users Posts: 1
Are there any vegan curlies out there? If so, I need your help. I've been vegetarian for over 20 years (not the healthy kind). I basically replaced meat with sugar for which I have a huge craving. Im thinking of finally going vegan, if I can still get my pound cake fix. Anybody know of any such recipie? I'd really appreciate it!

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  • brownilocksbrownilocks Registered Users Posts: 28
    Hi, I'm a veggie curly for 20 yrs too! I was vegan for 2 of those years, but now use dairy again. If you want to make a vegan pound cake (yum) use a regular pound cake recipe from joy of cooking or whatever general cookbook you have (or find a recipe online). Then replace the butter with a healthy non-trans-fat vegetable oil margarine, (or just any margarine if you don't particularly care about that) and the eggs with a vegan egg replacer like eggbeaters. Follow the directions in the recipe. That should work fine. Hope it comes out good!
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