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So, I think I have figured out how this all works... but I'm wondering how often I should do each type of conditioner. I've purchased a Suave Naturals Conditioner and the TIGI Moisture Maniac conditioner. I tend to work out 3 times a week and wash my hair, then, but with this new process I'm uncertain. HELP!!! I also bought the Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Gel. I tried this Organix stuff but it only dried me out, more. I really just need a detailed run down of how this all should work :p


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    Well, no one else seems to have posted an answer to this one yet, so I might as well try, though I should mention I'm no expert - I've only been doing the CG thing for a few months, but it seems to be going pretty well so far.

    There really isn't any one right answer as to how often to do anything - everyone's hair is different. You'll need to experiment and see what works for you.

    The basic system as outlined in the Curly Girl book is that you just use one basic conditioner (making sure that it's a silicone-free one), but you use it in two different ways:
    1. A couple of times a week (or however often you feel like you need to), after first letting the hot water run through your hair for a while to rinse out daily dust and dirt and what not (i.e., stand under the water for longer than you would if you were just wetting your hair down before shampooing) take a little bit of conditioner on your finger tips and scrub your scalp with it, then rinse it out well.
    2. Every day (or as often as you shower, anyway), whether you've just done the scalp scrubbing thing, spread a little conditioner through the length of your hair and then either do a quick rinse so that a little conditioner stays in your hair, or don't rinse it out at all, depending on what seems to work best for you.
    That's basically it (well, for the conditioner part, anyway). The way it's described in the book, you only need one conditioner, and use it for everything - washing your scalp, and either rinsing out or leaving in, whichever you like.

    However, like I said, everyone's hair is different, and a lot of people have made their own modifications to the CG routine, including using different conditioners for different purposes. So yes, some people use one type of conditioner to wash the scalp, another kind as a rinse-out conditioner after that, and maybe even a third one as a leave-in. But you don't necessarily have to.

    I'd actually suggest starting out simply, with just the one-conditioner method the book recommends, and then once you've gotten used to that - or if you feel like the basic routine isn't doing it for you - you can experiment and try including other types of conditioners if you feel like you need to or want to. It can be kind of daunting looking at the range of products and the complex routines some people here use, but you really don't need to dive right in at the deep end. Start simple, and expand what you're doing only if and when you need to.

    A lot depends on your individual hair type. Someone with very coarse or dry hair might need a richer conditioner as a leave-in than they use for washing, for example. Or someone with an oily scalp might want to do the scalp-scrubbing bit every day instead of just a couple of times a week. It's all about getting to know your own individual hair and what works best for you.
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    Currently using: Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut conditioner as both co-wash and leave-in, and Aussie Instant Freeze gel. Have almost entirely kicked the blow drying habit now, and finally gotten the hang of that clipping thing.

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