How to style hair to acheive results like this

pinkd78pinkd78 Registered Users Posts: 29
I'm wondering if anyone can reccomend products, tools styling techniques to achieve results like or simular to this on 4a/4b hair.

picture from this site of Del sandeen

I'd also apprieciate articles or tutorial videos on youtube, Thanks

PS: I was thinking of using something like kinky-curly, but am not sure if it would produce and effect like that on my hair texture.


  • whimsywhimsy Registered Users Posts: 48
    is your hair texture the same as hers? because if so it looks like a wash n go may get that result.

    If not, maybe a braidout with small braids to mimic the curl pattern?
  • EllyEllyOxenFreeEllyEllyOxenFree Registered Users Posts: 6,446 Curl Neophyte
    Can you post pics of your hair? I agree with Whimsy, that looks like a wash and go.
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    I'm not sure what your hair is like, or the length of it, but I think I can acheive a similar look on my daughters hair by doing about 6 loose braids on damp hair, using your product of choice. I would probably just use gio leave in and unrefined shea butter mixed with virgin coconut oil.
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    Braid out?
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