Do I need to shampoo?

I am a seasonal cg but recently moved to a very humid climate so I intend to be a full time cg. I have been doing cowash for several weeks. My question is this: I was using a conditioner that had cones - do I need to shampoo to get them out of my hair? I've searched this website and cannot find the answer.


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    ty for your response. I did read that article but what I want to know is do I need to get the cones out of my hair before I will see any improvement?
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    Yes - use a shampoo to get rid of the cones, but make sure the shampoo is cone-free.

    I *think* the Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo is cone free, but check the ingredient list to make sure.

    Good luck - hope you start seeing some improvement soon!
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    ty, that's what I needed to know. However, I just happened upon a thread about clarifying wash with apple cider vinegar and baking soda and it sounds less drying than shampoo so I wonder if it will remove the cones as well as sulfate shampoo.
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    If you don't want to use shampoo, you could try the CJ Daily Fix Cleansing Conditioner. It takes out a lot of ingredients, including minerals. It's very moisturizing--my hair loves it. I find baking soda very drying, it makes my hair "hard," even in small amounts.
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    ok, I think I found my answer here


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