Shampoo dilemma!!

Chickied614Chickied614 Posts: 32Registered Users
So I realized today that i have no way of cleansing my hair this weekend. I usually shampoo once a week and then DC but after learning about the horrors of baking soda and my dr.bronners catille soap i have no product to go to for clarifying my scalp. I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions on a good shampoo that's sulfate free, cone free, paraban free, and all that jazz that i could easily go pick up at whole food or trader joes or target maybe even a BSS? TIA :)


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    Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat. I know Whole Foods has it and it's at some rite-aid/cvs type stores too. I like it quite a bit.
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  • Chickied614Chickied614 Posts: 32Registered Users
    maybejadey wrote: »
    Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat. I know Whole Foods has it and it's at some rite-aid/cvs type stores too. I like it quite a bit.

    Thanks for the suggestion i know i've tried giovanni smooth as silk deep moisture shampoo in the beginning of my journey and hated how my hair felt so i'm a little scared to try anything else from them but i'll definitely look into the TTT hopefully it's better :)
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    I posted a Q asking for help with a new shampoo also. I'm going to try Trader Joe's Nourish Spa today (both cond and sham) and if they don't work out, I'll move on to the suggestions I got here.
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    Nature's Gate Lavender and Aloe Non SLS shampoo
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    Burt's Bees shampoo should be good. It's at Target, Walmart, Kroger. I use the green tea fennel seed.
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