Hair used to love the Icequeen Method, now it's coming out very stringy..suggestions?

When I first started to use the icequeen method which was probably about a year ago, my hair came out beautifully with wonderful clumps. My routine has always been apply my product (upside down of course) and then plop for 30 minutes. IN the beginning it worked, but now my curls are coming out very stringy. Instead of having all curls, I have a handful of curls with a lot of straight pieces of hair mixed in.

What have your results been with the Icequeen Method? Is anyone having the same problem I am? What should I do?
2b-2c ~~ Fine-Medium Hair ~~ High Porosity ~~ Normal Elasticity
CG AS OF 2/16/10
Now use low-poo....AWESOME RESULTS (switched 3/28/10)

Low-Poo: Giovanni TTT Shampoo
Rinse-Out: GVP Conditioning Balm
Stylers: LA Looks Sport Gel

Current methods: Icequeen Method, then plop for 30 minutes (diffuse if needed)

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