Product Heaviness/Lightness?

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i was just thinking about some of the stuff i heard on here from people talking about products that weighed down their hair or didn't weigh down their hair enough. i understand that people with fine strands cannot use heavy products like people with thicker strands can because it weighs down their hair too much. i dont think my hair has ever been weighed down (considering i have very thick strands), but what does 4a hair look like when it's been weighed down by a product? does that mean that it has a greasy appearance and it's flat to the head? also, what does 4a hair look like when it hasn't been weighed down enough or if the product is too light for the hair? does the hair just not do anything? i think i've used products that weren't heavy enough and my hair didn't curl or anything. just sat there.


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    when i 1st bc'd, i needed a heavier product to tame my fly-a-ways and frizzies. i started off using [buylink=]kccc[/buylink], then ecostyler. now that i have a little length, the heavier ecostyler makes portions of my hair just go flat to my head (not greasy looking). i end up getting comments that my hair looks like a jheri curl.
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    When your hair starts looking greasy or jerri curl-y the product is too heavy

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