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This is mostly for those who are very vocal and vote Republican "no matter what."
I am a moderate and I'm glad we have both parties. They balance each other out.

Lately, however, as an observer, I'm having a hard time with the recent events and how one can be so adamantly Republican (conservative).
I get why some people tend to lean left or lean right.
I understand why people want to be fiscally conservative. I understand why among constituents (not the politicians as I don't think they have good motives) some would be adamantly Pro-Life because they honestly feel like abortion is murder.

I'm not here to criticize anyone for being Republican.

I am here wondering why some peope are gung-ho Republican, if that makes sense. Or gung-ho Tea Party.

In just this past two years, Republicans have tried to discredit Obama (his citizenship, calling him a fascist/communist, to his face calling him a 'liar,' calling him a Muslim/atheist (questioning his Christianity), etc.); they try to block anything Obama proposes or question his motives if he does agree with them (oil drilling, for example). Why were Republican politicans meeting with the big banks behind closed doors and were fighting against reform? They tried to spin it like they were doing us a favor, but they lied about the reform.
In Oklahoma, they are eroding women's right to medical information in hopes to reduce abortions; I won't even comment about the anti-Immigration going on in Arizona until I can find out more about that, but it smells of racism. How about in California in which they want to change the 14th Amendment concerning immigrant babies born in US/citizenship? Don't take away my gun rights because I'm a constitutionalist but hey take away someone else's rights because that part of the constitution is silly and won't hurt me, right? LOL It seems like if big corporations are being effected, the Republican party is all for protecting them, but they could care less about women, gay people, immigrant babies/constitution. Let the corporations keep doing unethical things (big banks, insurance companies, the oil companies not putting safety valves, the mine company violations).

Can anyone tell me why all the contradictions and why anyone who values freedom can keep going along with this?
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    Republicans are very obnoxious when they are in office, but they're even worse when they are out of office. Biggest bunch of power-hungry meanies I've ever seen.
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    The Republican leadership likes to coddle the crazies and extremists. The Democratic leadership ignores the conspiracy theorists and stays pretty solidly center-right.

    Basically, it's just different marketing strategies.
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    Some people are too focused on themselves and people like themselves to look out and realize all people are hurting and all people need help - not just those who fit into their personal sphere of beliefs. I for one don't like titles because people are expected to follow all the beliefs of that one group and they're called traitors or flakes if they stray.

    People from both sides would benefit to sit back, listen, look and digest or even live a little bit of the life of someone who is their 'opposite', not realistic but still.

    There are some issues for me that shouldn't be opposed - gay rights, gay marriage and the like. That's no one business and you, yourself, and whatever power/deity you do/don't call upon. Some people might be religiously opposed and that's all good and fine because we're allowed to think freely but it crosses the line when you interfere in force your morally views on someone.

    I don't support capital punishment or terrorist torture. I think violence and killing is wrong. I know some wars are necessary and unavoidable. But the previous two aren't necessary.

    Abortion - no going into detail because I'm sure everyone has read my views before. I get too emotionally. I have a heart and grieve for the fetus and the mother. I know abortion is never going to be made illegal. I strive to find ways to help prevent violence against women or to make sure they know there are other options. Not by sitting on a doorstep and holding signs and screaming. Not by bombing or killing the dr. How does one justify murdering a doctor? When they're opposing termination? Doesn't the doctors life have value too?

    I'm for sex education in the schools to help kids realize there are ways to prevent diseases and pregnancy if they are going to peruse being sexually attractive. I believe in for waiting for marriage but not blind or stupid enough to think hormonally driven kids are going to see it the same way. I just want a chance to preview the curriculum so I can talk to my son about it first.

    I believe in working hard and helping yourself up and also helping those around who are in need and can’t help themselves. I believe in building people up so they get stronger, get an education, and are able to move on to support themselves. I’m on the fence of the healthcare issue. I think the cost of medical, the regulations (pre-exist cond) for things they’ll pay/not pay are wrong. I don’t know what can/should be done but a total overhaul of the system is needed. I think Medicare, Medicaid, and other state aids for people who don’t make enough for insurance are good things and I don’t mind paying taxes for those. It’s the Medicare and Medicaid fraud that really eats into the funds and really pisses me off. What can be done? I don’t know but I don’t have a screw everyone else because I’m covered. It may sounds like that. I am afraid of losing my current coverage but there’s more than just me to think about. I think everyone should have access to the best health care and a way to pay for it without going bankcrupt.

    Ok, I’m stopping now.
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    omg.....that was hilarious! the host's fidgeting cracked me up.
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