ACK! Had to shampoo AND not use conditioner!

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WTH! My hair is in definite tantrum mode now. I went to go see a neurologist regarding a seizure I had in December and she wants to do a sleep deprived EEG. The directions are to not sleep for 24 hours, no caffeine to keep me awake and to shampoo my hair. Not once, twice! No conditioner, no leave in, no hairspray, no product of any sort. Do you know what kind of tragic mess I'm going to be tomorrow? Why does medicine reduce us to tragic fashion victims? All I have to say is that it's a good thing my hair is short and I didn't have to try to comb through shoulder-length or longer unconditioned hair. This better be worth it.


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    Sounds like a hat day for sure. What a bummer that you can't use conditioner. Hope all goes well.
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    Maybe they just need you to look REALLY sleep deprived....
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    Well at least you will leave with plenty of gel in your hair after the appointment. I would take a hat. The after is worse than the before even for a curly.
  • FairlyCurlyFairlyCurly Registered Users Posts: 839
    I hope your test goes well and that your seizure isn't related to anything really serious. Good luck! Your hair will recover. Just put it in a ponytail or something.
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  • Fusilli66Fusilli66 Registered Users Posts: 296
    My son has had many EEG's so I am familiar with the process.

    They do that so the electrodes can stick to the head better, so they want no oils on the scalp. The stuff they use to stick it to the head is a pain to get out and I hate to say it, but you will definately have to shampoo again when you get home.

    But most importantly, I hope the results are good and you recover well. Your hair will for sure recover in no time.
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    Hi there sunshine girl. I have epilepsy and had the same treatment many many times. It's a real pain to say the least. My advice is to bring a hat as the gel they use on the electrodes will become tangled in your hair. The last time I went the Doctor told me that it would be so much easier if i shaved my head. You'll also need to shampoo your hair twice when you get home again as it will be sticky and have white flakes in it from the solidified gel. Don't worry you'll be back to your amazing curls in a couple of days.
  • SunshineGrrlSunshineGrrl Registered Users Posts: 3,823 Curl Neophyte
    Thanks! I washed it last night and I'm afraid they're going to make me wash it again there. Maybe I'll do a rush wash before I leave. Thanks for the advice about the hat...I'll have to scrounge one up.

  • BoomygrrlBoomygrrl Registered Users Posts: 4,940 Curl Neophyte
    It'll be worth it in the end. At least you don't have to shave your head or do anything permanent.
    Hope the test results turn out to be good news.
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  • CurliLocksCurliLocks Registered Users Posts: 10,573 Curl Connoisseur
    I hope everything goes well and you'll be fine.

    As far as the hair, I go thru that every month before I color. But I'm a lovely site! :lol: Your hair will live. ;)
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  • SunshineGrrlSunshineGrrl Registered Users Posts: 3,823 Curl Neophyte
    It's done and over and I'm still alive. I won't have the results for a week. The lady told me that I'm lucky they just do the goo because they used to have to do it with needles. Thanks for that little tidbit of information! I then proceeded to put a hat on (all my good hats are being held hostage by my cousin's best friend) and went to Costco, then proceeded to clean out two fridges and freezers. The deep freezer is scheduled for tomorrow. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to crash and burn since I didn't get much sleep last night.

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