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Ok, so having recently discovered CG, I have some questions.
I have been going to the same stylist for a few years, and I really like her, but I think she has no idea about curls.
I did tell her one time that I wanted to be more natural, less time intensive, and she has seen me with my curls, but then the next time when I came in, she was like "OK, you've rocked the curls long enough"....anyhow, I have fairly short hair, layered and she does color (greys!!) and highlight, and is actually very reasonable for anyhow I have an appointment for next week...I have also seen that there is someone in my area who has great reviews on this board......
Do I cancel and go with the curly person, no matter what the cost? I don't want to hurt her feelings I go and try to explain all the CG things and hope she doesn't take it personally? Do I go, just get a trim, and not worry if she combs my hair dry and uses sulfates and cones? Do I get a shorter hair cut to try and get some layers out?


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    I say, go to your old faithful, and if she does that bit with the curls again, just say, "I prefer to wear my hair curly thank you, and this is what I'm doing to maintain them" and if she is a good stylist, then she should be obligated to making YOU happy ultimately (unless she thinks you are making a HUGE mistake, and going curly is not a huge mistake). If she seems reluctant or for whatever you no longer feel confident having her cut your hair, you might make this your last visit. Or you might choose to just get a basic trim, or you might just end it there with the consultation...that's up to you and how you feel and what your relationship is like. The passive way would be to let her do what she wants this time, even if it isn't what you want, and then next time find someone else who will not object to your curly hair or way of taking care of your hair.

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    I still go to the same woman I went to before going CG about six months ago. While she's not curly trained (and has nooooooo idea how to style my hair curly), she's good at listening to what I want.

    And this is just my opinion (meaning that many will likely disagree with me), but for my wavy hair (and yours looks wavy like mine) I'm not sure the "curly cut" is worth the extra cash. I don't have a ton of shrinkage when my hair curls up. My cut isn't really all that different than it was before I started wearing it curly. And really, my hair isn't consistent or tightly curled enough to, IMO, benefit from a dry curly cut.

    That said, this woman should ABSOLUTELY respect how YOU want your hair cut. It's your hair. If she doesn't do that, find someone else that you're willing to trust, regardless of whether s/he is "curly trained" or not.
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    I had a few curly cuts and loooved them but ended up going back to my old stylist. I like her color and price better and she listens to what I want. I even put up with the sulphates.

    Also call the curly salon in your area and see if you can go for just a consultation. Explain that you've never had a curly cut and you want to know what to expect before doing it. A good curly salon will understand your hesitation and give a consultation before you go for the cut. Could make you feel more comfortable before getting a cut.
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    I get curly cuts and I love them! I'm lucky that my salon charges the same for a curly cut as the other salons do for a straight cut.
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    Thank you all for your replies! It has made me feel better about my haircut...I am usually an all or nothing person, so I need to know that it is OK to have an occasional sulfate or whatever.....haircut is tomorrow, I think I'll just cover my greys and trim!

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