Spin-off prank/crank calls....

D'ja when you were a kid? Share. Not nice and not funny....well, maybe a bit. ;) Thankfully doesn't happen much now prob due to caller ID.


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    My best friend and I were pretty bad when we were younger. I used to have this Eeyore stuffed animal that would say different phrases in a really scary kind of voice. We used to get people good with that thing.

    I remember calling up a local fuel company asking them if they had "natural" gas, the really smelly kind. The guy was an awesome sport about it and played along. Great times.
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    we used to randomly dial 800 numbers just to hear different voices of the operator say this number is out of order.

    free kicks.
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    When I was a teen I called an STD hotline and asked if I you could catch HIV through cannibalism and does the virus die with the body or do you have to cook it first.

    They hung up on me.
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    Oh, so much.

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    I still make them. =P My favorite one was a couple months ago was when we called a very homophobic boy in our grade asking him if had ever gotten harassed in the workplace for his sexual orientation or gender identity, ending with a wonderfully deadpanned "Are you a hermaphrodite?"
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    Definitely made our share as kids. Cheap entertainment. :)
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    This was some time in the mid 80s. We'd call an 800 number from a pay phone at our apartment complex to order encyclopedias COD to some other kid in our apartment complex. :rabbit: I thought I was soooo slick, LOL. It must've been a slow, boring day because they took the order, haha.
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    Oh Yes....speaking gibberish, screaming as loud as possible or blaring very loud music...asking for the same person over and over but with different accents...

    not nice...

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    My sister and her friend crank called the friend's neighbor. I guess he had really white legs and he would water the lawn in his shorts all the time. So the called him and up and said "hello white legs". To their surprise, he responded with a "hello telephone!"

    To this day we say "hello white legs" "hello telephone" when we call eachother.
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    One of my friends used to call those party lines and invite guys for a hook-up and give them her neighbors address.
  • Gemini13Gemini13 Posts: 5,000Registered Users
    Curlyminx wrote: »
    My sister and her friend crank called the friend's neighbor. I guess he had really white legs and he would water the lawn in his shorts all the time. So the called him and up and said "hello white legs". To their surprise, he responded with a "hello telephone!"


    Yes, I made my share of prank calls when I was young... nothing too funny or memorable though.
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