Salon in Austin, MN

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I just went to the Edge salon in Austin, MN yesterday and it was a very good experience. The stylist, Lindsay, finally solved my hair problems that I'd been struggling with(limp,dry and almost no curl). I needed protein and a dusting of the ends, I reluctantly let her do her thing and it was a transformation!! I have tried all the products I could afford(even protein) and obviously didn't find the right ones. The only downside, she didn't quite know how to style my hair with my products. My next appointment I'll have her use what I use to style.:thumbleft:
very fine 2a/3a, normal porosity & elasticity, finally going full CG!
currently using: nbd F&S Therapy,Curl Magic, Chamomile Seaweed gel, Curl Magic cleansing conditioner, and Restoration Hair Repair.