Twitter to Facebook? HALP please!

automaticflowersautomaticflowers Posts: 3,465Registered Users
Does anyone use Selective Tweets or any other apps that allow you to post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time?

I have to post to Twitter and Facebook pages run by my employer. Obviously, it's a PITA to post something on Twitter, then go to Facebook and post the same dang thing. Yeah, I could copy and paste, but eff that.

I signed up for Selective Tweets and followed all the instructions. Everything looks like it's good to go, but it's not. I post to Twitter, type #fb at the end like I'm supposed to... and nothing happens. I waited patiently, I checked the troubleshooting guide and followed all the tips... still nothing.

Are there any similar apps you guys know of that work well for this purpose? I found this website, but I'm hoping for some endorsements from people who actually use those apps. (The Blackberry/iPhone apps listed there are out of the question as my boss expects me to use my private cell phone for mobile updates, but I don't have a smartphone or data plan.)


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