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I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on re-moisturizing without washing. After I shampoo, my hair stays soft for 4-5 days (I don't add anything to it during this time) and then when I try to "re-moisturize" it, it always comes out drier than when I started. I generally just spray my hair with filtered water and go over it with a light application of butter or pomade. I tried adding a leave-in between the water step and the oil step but I've still had no luck. I actually don't know why I continue to do it because it never works.

Any advice on how to actually add moisture in-between washes would be much appreciated.

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Preshampoo - Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm
Shampoo - KC Come Clean
Condition - Joico Moisture Recovery
Leave In - KCKT, Kiehl's Formula 133
Seal - Jojoba Oil
Moisturize - Rosewater


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