going blonde- good/bad idea?

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ok so at the moment i have a reddy browny permanent dye on my hair (home kit) and im a 3a, naturally im a fairly dark brown. as its coming up to summer I want to try and go a little lighter but im not sure as to the different methods or different products of going lighter (obviously i would have this professionally done)

are they any ways best for curly hair?
does going lighter even affect the curls in my hair?

^ this is the kind of colour i would like

any help and i would be most grateful! :)


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    There is no way to lighten your hair without damaging it.

    That said, if your hair is in decent condition it's typically not *that* big a deal -- your hair might be dry for awhile, and a bit damaged, and so you baby it and perhaps do a protein treatment if necessary. If the color you're currently using is permanent, then you'll potentially be compounding the dryness/damage but, overall, going lighter shouldn't necessarily present any hair situations that you haven't already dealt with using home color.

    The drier your hair, the more your curl pattern will be affected. But again, if you're already using permanent home color, it shouldn't be much worse than what you've already experienced. If you're using a demi-perm/no lift color, then you might see more reaction from your curl pattern once you decide to lighten.

    If you want to go lighter but are really concerned about the condition of your hair, perhaps start with highlights rather than all-over color. Either way, my position where coloring is concerned is pretty much always, "Go for it." :)
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    It looks like you could get away with asking for some caramel highlights. The color in the pic is more caramel-ly, sort of that Jennifer Lopez/Beyonce look, which I think is really pretty and a much kinder option than trying to blonde naturally dark hair. You want to avoid things that take you more than a couple of shades lighter, to avoid major damage.
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    I disagree that there is no way to lighten your hair without damaging it...I went from Black to Blonde and I have had my hair colored for as long as I can remember without damage...My curl pattern has not changed. I keep my hair moisturized, deep condition weekly and do protein treatments every two weeks .....But I would consult a stylist if you are concerned about damaging your hair and get some professional advice. What works for one head does not always work for another I have found.

    Good Luck with your decision
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    No doubt, you can keep it in good shape and you can rehab it precisely as you've mentioned. But the act of bleaching the hair fundamentally alters and undermines the strength of the shaft. It's just how bleach works.

    Like I pointed out, though, with some TLC -- and on relatively healthy hair -- it shouldn't be an issue.

    Plus, the amount that the OP wants to lift seems to be pretty minor. So even less damage. :)
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    How blond are you thinking? There's blond, and then there's BLOND...

    If your natural color is dark brown, and you have red/brown dye on it now, there is a lot of potential for brassy orange hair. In all honesty, that is probably a job best left to the professionals if you can afford it. Don't try to do this with a boxed blond dye from the supermarket; those cannot lift your color more than a shade or two and you would end up with a really bad color.

    You would need pretty strong bleach to lift your hair past the orange/yellow stage, and then you would need to tone it to a believable blond color, probably with an ash- or violet-based toner to counteract the brassiness. If you are the intrepid sort who likes to do it yourself, I would recommend this blog:


    It's written by a professional colorist. Scroll all the way down on the right and read all her posts tagged with "bleach," "blond" "brassy" and "toning." She's got a lot of good information in there although the site isn't very easy to navigate through.
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    I recently went from a dark reddish brown to an (almost) platinum blond and my hair has never been frizzier. Naturally my hair is ashy and I have been dying it dark brow for awhile after highlighting it most of my life, and when I bleached it my hair was the most healthy it had ever been. My hair stylist told me my curl would come back with some deep conditioning and protein but so far my curls are limp and frizzy, I am going to give it time but if they don't come back in a month or so I may just try and match my roots and chop a bunch of it off. Heed my advice and do not try and lighten your hair more than three shades unless you want to look like you stuck a fork into a light socket. Did I mention that when I flatiron it it looks like hay? ya. no fun
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    Hi! I'm new here...but since I bleach my hair I decided to comment....bleach and colors are not so bad...I've been natural all my life and have a tendency to get bored really quickly with my hair. Because of this, my hair has been every different color. I've bleached before, went back to black, and now my hair is currently a bronzey color with blonde highlights.

    I will say though, that I have been extremely lucky that my hair hasn't fallen out. I take care of my hair, but sometimes I get really lazy. That said, I would say that if you have really healthy hair, then go for it only if you are willing to take the time out to take care of it...the lighter you go the more dry your hair will be...moisturizing is a must!
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    I've been bleaching for over 5 years....and my hair is super healthy. Have a consultation done to determine if your hair is a good color candidate, if so, have it done professionally, have a strict hair care routine (eliminate EVERYTHING that zaps moisture...ex. silicones, mineral oil, & remember heat is not your friend :smile:), DC frequently, and use quality products.

    BTW, my original color is dark brown, so you can't lift much more than I have!! :laughing5:

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    I had blonde highlights put in at Christmas time. While I like the look of them (I didn't have very many), I will not be doing it again.

    My hair is porous, dry, and coarse to start with, and will not hold moisture. Using bleach on it has magnified these problems tenfold.

    My hair is light brown naturally. I only had to have the bleach on for 15 minutes or so. I can't imagine what it would have been like had it been left on longer!

    Having said this, I know everybody has different hair. Some people experience less damage than others.
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