Vintage 70's Photos of your mother?

missgeemissgee Registered Users Posts: 26
Do any of you have pictures of your mother in the 70's? I'm doing a Mother's Day Project where I'm creating a fancy slide show for an article that I'm working it. It will be launched on Mother's Day.

Each photo will contain the following:

-Your name:
-Your mother's name:
-A message to your mother.
-A link to your website (if you have one).

I told my mama about the project and she thinks I'm going to use one of the pictures that she gave me of her. She doesn't know that my cousin has a picture of her that my mother doesn't have, and I bet after all these decades (can you believe it has already been over 30 years) she has probably forgotten about this particular photo. I'm going to show it to her through this slide show on Mother's Day.

The deadline is on May 7th, and I know ya'll have some. Here's the submission link.

So how many of you have afro photos? I had asked a bunch of people personally to submit something, and some of them told me that their mothers have been relaxed for most of their lives; even in the 70's.

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