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HI everyone! I'm new here and I registered to get help on my terrible ends! I've been natural for 10 years and had long, pretty curls, but then I had a cancer scare and chopped it all off. now I can't get it longer than 1-2 inches under my collarbone (i know this is kind of long, but i'm not satisfied because the longer my hair is, the more it hangs instead of poofing). so I grew it again and recently had to get a lot chopped off due to damaged ends! how do you all keep your ends from getting ratty? I wear a curly fro most days but my ends always feel like wire even 1 week after a trim. what am i doing wrong?! I sleep with a satin bonnet now and try to keep up on my trims, but I feel like my tips are still getting destroyed.


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    i know that pre-pooing with oil has been really saving my ends lately. that, and going cg. sulfates used to dry my hair out bad.

    just for curiosity's sake, what is your regimen?
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    Why does the pj monster haunt me so?:twisted:
    Growing my bf's hair from cbl to apl

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