Curly Hair...?? (PIC)

scapecoolioboyscapecoolioboy Registered Users Posts: 5
Okay i am 14. I want hair like corbin blue. My hair is afroish with alot of small curls already starting to form as you can see in the picture below. What Can I Do To make my hair grow curly and look like corbin blue.

also how long will it take?

im starting to fall in love with hair lmfaooo


  • curls 2nvcurls 2nv Registered Users Posts: 318
    i dont know if you will be able to have hair like Corbin Bleu to be honest with you. it looks to me like both of you have two different curl patterns. the only thing i can think of that will give you hair like that is a texturizer but it would probably come out very "Jherri Curl" like:-(. and it can often lead to breakage and inconsistant results

    i just advise to love your hair how it grows out. its your hair and unique to you. giving your hair strict standards, like wanting it to look like someone elses, often leads to disappointment because your hair is gonna grow how it wants to, not how you want it to. let your hair be how it wants to be, it will grow much healthier that way
    CG Curly
    Why does the pj monster haunt me so?:twisted:
    Growing my bf's hair from cbl to apl

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