it grew, but now it's flat...

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Hi naturally curlies!

A year and a half ago I spent a lot of time on NC. Then I got pregnant and had a very difficult time. That was one quick way to flatten hair....lay on it all day.

Pregnancy is over, and my baby is now 10 months old. When I first learned (1.5 years ago!) that I HAD curly hair, I began to grow it out. It takes me a loooong time.

Here are my fotki pictures:

You can see from the two middle albums that I had some good body and random curl. And you can also see from the last album how straight it is now.

I scheduled an appointment for this Tuesday to cut it. But today I got on NC and decided I really don't want to cut it, what I want is a change...I want my body back!!!

Perhaps (just maybe) this is what my hair looks like with length. But I have a feeling that the pregnancy and a year of not giving affection to my curl ROUTINE plays more a part than anything.

Can I get some advice? Please?

I'm thinking of ordering some CV shampoo bars, because that seemed to really texture/plump up my hair. I still have very healthy hair....soft, just not curly. (If I really do a lot of work and diffuse it, it WILL curl more than what the picture shows...but it's a lot of work)

So instead of cutting it in 2 days, I'll just get a trim. I really love long hair. My baby combs through it as she nurses, and she loves to chew on it occasionally. =) It's a bonding thing. And now that I've reached my long-hair goal, why go and chop it?!

Help me get some body back!!!!! Thanks!
(oh, and I'm AZ, so I get no help with dewpoint)
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Protein sensitive. Still looking for
used to have curls, now it's consistently just waves...


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    Welcome back!

    First I think a good trim will help. Not a chop or anything..just a good trim.

    Second I recommend doing something like the Icequeen method (where you are upside down in the shower). You may want to try clipping as well as a way to increase body.

    I am currently loving the Spiral Solutions products (she is on etsy if you look up vendor Spiral Solutions and my blog has a link)--I like all her stuf especially the curl jelly!

    I also like Jason Curl Cream (iherb has it as do some local health food stores) and the Donna Marie Curling Jelly as well.

    I'd also recomment to post on either the general forum or maybe the 2's or 3's? (2's seems to get more traffic)

    I'm not the best with long hair...mine looks very close to yours when it gets long..the longer the hair is much curlier shorter!
    FIA 2c/3aFi

    Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

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    Your long waves are gorgeous!

    I have no idea what my hair would do if it were that long (I had some wave, but mostly frizz, when I had it long when I was younger--I used no styling products whatsoever), but it does tend to get less curly as it gets longer.

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