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I am a cool skinned, ruddyish redhead with blue eyes. My hair is red and dark, and not orangey. Which NARS blush do you think would work for me? I think I want to give it a try.

Orgasm? Sin?

If Orgasm, do you think that I can do the gloss? I wear neutral plum-pink (but try to tone them down because they are a little dark) on the rare occasion that I put something on my lips, so I really can't imagine this on me...but I probably wouldn't be able to wear the plum-pinks if I got the Orgasm blush...



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    Are these blushes the powder, gel, or cream ones?

    I'm interested because everyone keeps mentioning that this blush is good. I use only gel ones though.
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    Orgasm blush is a powder and it is pink/coral/gold in tone.

    the matching lip gloss is very pink gold.

    i wear the blush almost all the time, but if i'm wearing purple and plum on my eyes, i switch to a more red than coral blush - in my case, MAC Variety.

    my hair is dark red, but i have brown eyes and buttermilk tone skin.
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    I have Orgasm blush and I've tried (and returned) the Orgasm gloss. I have dark brown hair, pale cool-toned skin with pink undertones. The blush works for me despite having a warmish tone to it, but I found the gloss to be far too peachy.
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