Ah! The back of my hair is driving me insane.

I've always had CRAZY curly hair, and I've finally figured out how to tame it for the most part, but I have this major problem with the back of my hair.

All the curls curl up to the same length in the back which makes like, a triangle shape when viewed from the side. The sides of my head curl fine but the back is always like straight across and blocky looking. I've tried growing it out to try and weigh it down. I've tried cutting it short. I'm not really sure what to do.

Does anyone else have this problem? What should I do? Any help would be immensly appreciated :]


  • ShanaVilloriaShanaVilloria Posts: 263Registered Users
    A haircut with long layers is the first step towards avoiding the dreaded triangle hair. You said it best: the hair that curls up to the same length creates a triangle. This means that these sections need some layering.

    It might be worth it to look into getting a dry cut (possibly Deva style) so that there isn't surprise shrinkage after drying that results in triangle hair.

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    Yeah it's so hard finding someone that knows what to do with curly hair around here. I think I may have come across someone though. So I'll see how that goes! Thanks so much for your input :]