What did you curlies do with your hair for prom?

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What did you do? Did you style it yourself? Did you get it styled professionally? Down? Up? Half-up? Did you straighten it?
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  • chelseatom_tomchelseatom_tom Registered Users Posts: 41
    I got mine styled professionally in an updo and I LOVED IT!

    I had a dress with flowers on the skirt, but when I got it hemmed, I had to lose one... so the lady took it off the fabric and gave it back to me. I made it into a hair pin and put it in my hair.

    But sadly, I got up late and didn't have time to shower (in Utah, you have to do a "day activity" with your date before you start getting ready)... so I showed up at the hair place with a big frizzball hidden under a baseball cap. I almost cried when the stylist asked me if I had "a little bit of a natural curl" -- I was sitting there thinking, "you have no idea."

    So she ended up curling it... with a curling iron. But she gently pinned it up into a really large side bun and it looked gorgeous. Plus I have an endless supply of bobby pins now!
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  • xxmissyxxxxmissyxx Registered Users Posts: 31
    hope i'm not posting too late!! i actually got mine professionally curled and kind of pinned half up half down i really loved it - it was still curly but way neater than my usual look :P but actually my cousin's hair at her prom looked beautiful and she left it natural - she has a really long fringe and swept it all to the side - left a few curls hanging down at the front and pinned the rest up at the back - she wore a tiara and used a lotttt of wet look mousse!! hope it helps! xxx
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    Well, the day before I got out of the shower and braided my hair in pigtails with a ton of gel. The next day (prom) I took out the braids. This way my hair was calm and manageable. Then I started curling my hair on a horizontal slant so the curls would be more loose rather than hacing ringlets. Then I curld my bangs like Taylor Swift and was good to go. Basically, everyone told me my hair looked like taylor swifts. It was really simple and the only regret I have is that the hair spray I used while curling my hair wasnt Curly Girl approved :[
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