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Has anyone ever experienced bumps in your scalp? Or know of anyone who has? I have asked just about everyone I know so thats what has brought me here. It is not my scalp that has these issues its my bf. He gets bumps that bleed and are very sensitive. There come up in random spots on his scalp and its becoming a real eye sore. He has tried all kinds of shampoo's conditioners and greases. Sulfur 8 smells absolutely horrific to me so I need something easy on the nose. Any clue as to what it is. how to treat it or something will be greatly appreciated!
:homework:...Doing the homework on my hair but failing miserably!
*B.C 3.18.10*

I'm slowly going crazy over the progress of my hair... I'm content with the length but the texture is not how i want it!


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    It could come from several things. If he goes to a barber, do they sanitize their clippers properly. I've seen several men and boys with nasty bleeding bumps due to clippers that aren't cleaned properly and used from head to head. This would be my first assumption. What is he using on his scalp? Could he be allergic to something he's using? How long has this been happening? If this has been going on since you've known him, it could be a food allergy or products that are too strong for him. Honestly, I would have him go to a dermatologist to figure out the problem. Sulfur 8 has a lite version that doesn't smell as strong as the original, but I would try the DR. first to help figure out the source of the problem. Hope you guys figure it out! HTH
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  • NyCurLiiNyCurLii Registered Users Posts: 58
    Well he doesnt go to the barber that often, most times I cut it myself. With his own clippers. He has tried washing with just about every OTC poo and CO. We have tried countless greases and lotions. you name it we have tried it. I was thinking about getting some tea tree oil and making a poo or some kind of clarifier to work into his scalp but that was 100% imagination. I dont know if this would help or hinder. I think you are right he just might have to go to the doctor and find out because he does have allergies to certain foods but it might be more that he just hasnt heard of yet.
    thanks for the tips
    :homework:...Doing the homework on my hair but failing miserably!
    *B.C 3.18.10*

    I'm slowly going crazy over the progress of my hair... I'm content with the length but the texture is not how i want it!
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    Has he tried Neutrogena Tsal shampoo? It has worked well for me in the past. Another option for him would be to stop with the shampoos and conditioners for awhile and do baking soda rinse followed by vinegar rinse. (1Tbaking soda in a quart of water, rinse through the hair and massage. rinse with water, then 1T apple cider vinegar in a quart of water, rinse through the hair, rinse with water.)
    He could be allergic to some common ingredient in shampoos.
  • NyCurLiiNyCurLii Registered Users Posts: 58
    Thanks Im gonna give that a whirl and see what happens
    :homework:...Doing the homework on my hair but failing miserably!
    *B.C 3.18.10*

    I'm slowly going crazy over the progress of my hair... I'm content with the length but the texture is not how i want it!
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    even if your using his own clippers they still need to be sanitized, with alcohol,or clipper spray, because the germs grow on the clippers when not being used.

    I have been experiencing bumps on my scalp that hurt, and it happens when I use carefree curls gold, or another curl activator I think I'm but yeah I hope I helped.
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    I have read this thread before but it wasn't until today that I felt like I had a worthwhile response to offer. I had this same issue and it has greatly diminished over the last year and only two things have changed...I don't get my hair cut/trimmed (as often) and I started using organic/natural products to cleanse and take care of my hair. What made things more interesting is that recently I used a sulfate heavy shampoo because I felt like I needed to remove buildup on my hair. It worked BUT the next few days I suffered from terrible itching which is a sign that I'm very sensitive/allergic to the chemicals that I have been putting on my hair for most of my life (up until about a year ago). So maybe you could advise your bf to switch to the curlyguy method and see if he sees some improvement. It seems like some other responders already gave some good feedback too!
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    I get those too sometimes and they are PAINFULL especially when you accidently comb over one of them...ouch. I didn't think other people got them too but it is interesting to find that it might be one of my products - i thought it was just a growing up thing. *runs to bathroom to check products*
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    i also i have this issue with the back bottm of my head, though i have another theory of what caused it.

    my sister used to braid/cornrow my hair a few years ago, and the main part that would become irritated from the tightness was the back bottom of my head... and eventually, a few bumos appeared in the area and to this day they are still there. they go down from time to time, but never quite go away.
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