Weight loss and clothing

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When losing a large amount of weight say around 30-50, when do you buy new clothes? At the very end of it?
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    I lost 35 pounds over the summer/fall. I bought myself something new every 10 pounds as a reward. With the first 10 pounds, I just bought jewelry since my old clothes still fit, just more comfortably. Plus I pulled out my "skinny clothes" box from the attic and "shopped" there. I couldn't afford to change my whole wardrobe with every subsequent 10 pounds lost, lol, but I would buy something that fit well and made me feel good - a new pair of pants, top, etc. And I was careful to not spend a lot of $ on new transitional clothes since I planned to continue to lose weight. My weight stabilized in December, so I was able to take advantage of post-holiday sales to buy winter clothes in my smaller size. Lately I've been buying spring/summer clothes. It's lots of fun! Good luck to you!!
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    I lost 25lbs or so a few years ago and waited until I lost it all and was plateauing. I don't have enough money to buy transition clothes so made do with what I had, belts etc. I did buy an occasional shirt at the second hand stores though (I lost 5-6in off of my bust! LOL).
    Good luck with your road to better health journey! If you do the couch to 5k, hop on into the Accountability thread..it looks massive but it's an old thread and there are maybe 3-4 of us that post relatively regularly so not too overwhelming. A couple of them Wile and Mad have done c25k :)
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