Curly hair on some days relaxed on others ?

OmgEricaNicoleOmgEricaNicole Registered Users Posts: 5
I get my hair relaxed on a pretty regular basis. Every 6 weeks. Sometimes when I'm a little overdue I wear my hair curly. It's really pretty but I'm just not ready to go curly full time. I'm also not sure if the reason my natural waves are so pretty is because my hair is relaxed or not. I was just wondering if alternating between relaxed hair and curly/wavy hair is bad for my hair or not ? I keep my hair REALLY conditioned and don't shampoo on those days when its curly since my hair is dry enough and that wouldnt help. So does this cause breakage ? Does it cause split ends ? Is this routine doing damage to my hair in any way ?


  • xodevinxodevin Registered Users Posts: 478
    I think relaxing will definitely damage your hair, maybe the transitioning board will help more though, as I am not an expert. :) Sorry, hth a little though!
    curly hair and proud (:
  • ZayneeZaynee Registered Users Posts: 16
    Your actually not natural.Your texturized or texlaxed. Mayb go on and do a search about texturized hair. your hair is lightly relaxed, and ure natural curl pattern would be tighter, if u didnt relax. and no wearing your hair curly isnt breaking your hair.
  • OmgEricaNicoleOmgEricaNicole Registered Users Posts: 5
    You're right. I'm definately not natural. It's just not for me. But I do everything to protect my hair that I can. I know relaxing is doing enough damage to my hair so i don't wanna put it through any more trauma. Thats why I was wondering if wearing it curly on those inbetween days when my hair isn't looking it's best is doing damage.

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