Need Help, Transitioning 9 Year Old from Relaxed to Natural

OhSayCanUCOhSayCanUC Posts: 7Registered Users
So I am on this journey to back to my natural state and one of my daughters who is 9 want to go along with me. She has had a relaxer for about 3 years or so and it cut into a cute little bob style. My question is what products would you recommend to transition for Shampoo & Conditioner? She is def not going to do the BC( she would if I let her) If you have have ideas on styles , pictures, website that would be great.


  • afrikurlafrikurl Posts: 736Registered Users
    You may want to check out the transitioners forum. any products that you use on yourself should be a good place to start with DD. Check out youtube. there are tons of people who are transitioning to natural and dicumenting their journey. there is a mom who is on here. her DD is natural but the hair styles would look greak on any child her blog is [email protected]. I may have mixed up the braids or the beads. if it doesn't work switch the order. Her member name is Nikg20.
  • tsha74tsha74 Posts: 81Registered Users
    I have a tween transitioning as well my daughter is 10. My daughter only had relaxed hair for about a year and has been transitioning for 18 months now. She doesn't like to sit under the dryer so we do a lot of air drying styles. I use the same products/cowash I use for myself. The blogspot listed for reference for you is awesome but some of the styles may not work for daughter since her hair is a bob.

    I had my hair cut in a bob so I did a lot of twistouts or twist n curls using rods or rollers on relaxer parts.

    Now that it is getting warm my DD will be in braids or twists.

    Last Relaxer: Nov 2008
    Transitioned: 18 months
    BC: April 4/20/2010

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