Crock pot recipes

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I love my crock pot but I only have a few recipes for it....ribs, roast, and chicken with cream of chicken soup, white sauce, water, and seasonings.

Can anyone help me?


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    If it wasn't for my crockpot we would starve! One of my husband's faves: Put round steak in crockpot with one or two cans of beefy mushroom or french onion soup. Season with salt and pepper. Cook about 6 hours on low. The gravy is sooooo good over biscuits.

    BEST turkey: (This only works with the big crockpot) Buy the smallest frozen turkey breast you can find. (it has to be small so the whole thing will fit in crockpot.) Place the FROZEN turkey breast in the crockpot. I usually do this early morning before work. Don't add water, seasoning or anything. Put the lid may not go on all the way but will settle as it cooks. Turn it on HIGH. I usually go home at lunch and the turkey is cooked enough to raise the skin and season it. I use EVERYTHING...onion powder, salt, pepper, garlic, whatever else I grab. Put the lid back on and leave it on high. By 5 or 6:00, the turkey should be falling off the bone. Very juicy!!!!! You can then make dressing with the broth or save it for something else. If there is any left over, I usually chop it up and add BBQ sauce for sandwiches the next day. Or you can make turkey salad with boiled eggs, mayo, pickle relish, etc. This is the ONLY way I cook turkey any more. Just make sure you don't add water. Since it's frozen, it makes alot of broth as it thaws.

    You can also make great BBQ's by cooking a beef roast, pork roast, or deer roast. Just drain it when it gets done, chop it up and add BBQ sauce.

    I make alot of other stuff, but of course I'm drawing a blank right now! tongue.gif I'll post more as I think of them. smile.gif

    Please post how you do the ribs!!!!
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    I just remembered another one! Since I only cook for 2, there are usually veggies and sometimes meat leftovers. I keep a big Ziploc bag in the freezer and label it "soup stuff". Then at every meal if there is anything that would be good in soup left over, I put it in the bag. Even if it's only a couple of tablespoons of a veggie, half a chicken breast, a little roast, a little chopped onion...whatever. After a week or two I dump the bag of frozen "soup stuff" in the crockpot. I add more veggies or meat if it needs it and season it. Add some stewed tomatoes or broth (from the turkey! smile.gif ) or whatever else you want and cook it on low all day. We don't usually eat leftovers if I put them in the fridge, but they don't seem like leftovers in soup! biggrin.gif
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    ooooo - my mom makes these yummy yummy chicken pockets from chicken she cooks in a crock pot. I need to get the recipe so I can buy already cooked chicken and make them. I'll post it for you when I do.
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