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I think I have finally figured it out! Normally I can never get past 2nd day hair, and even then I end up tying it back by the end of the day because it's either too frizzy or droopy. Well, I did something different this week.

On the first day, I did my usual routine (co-wash, condish then a tiny amount of LI, followed by some Aveda defining whip and gel - diffuse dry). Then on the second day, I spritzed my hair with water (a few drops of jojoba oil mixed in) to get it wet enough so that I could diffuse it dry, and did the same thing this morning.

The difference being, that I don't touch my hair (no scrunching or anything) but only spritzed and diffuse, and I don't add any other hair product. So far, I've had very minimal frizz, and the wave pattern is good enough that I don,t need to tie my hair up. Woohoo!:blob4:

How about you? What is your secret to getting good looking 2nd + hair?
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