Freezing cookies

I would like to make a huge batch of cookies for my boyfriend, who is away at school. I plan on separating them into small containers and having him freeze them so that they will last longer.

Can all types of cookies be frozen? Do some freeze better than others? Can I freeze them in baggies or do they have to be in plastic containers?


  • ea4scea4sc Posts: 15Registered Users
    I found this article online that may help you:

    Freezing cookies
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    Thanks so much!
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    Hi. New here, but wanted to add that my family has always frozen cookies.

    Any plastic bag will do, but using tupperware containers help keep the cookies from breaking when stacked in the freezer.

    Also, be sure to let the cookies cool all the way down before putting them in the containers, otherwise the heat can cause condensation, and the quality will be affected.

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