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Which flat iron (or straightening, blow drier/ hot comb/or some other thing I don't even know exists :) would you recommend to get smooth straight hair without heat damage ?
I know there are different types of flat irons, wider ones, narrower ones, steam irons, ceramic, ionic, so many different kinds. What is the difference between them and which are better ?

Which flat iron do you recommend ?



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    Personally I use the maxiglide, because well one I am lazy and halfway through my head my technique begins to fail I find the teeth and the steam feature really does an amazing job and I can do it rather quickly (about 30 minutes vs the 90 it used to take).

    Having said that I would recommend that you buy a ceramic or tourmaline plated flat iron. They usually distribute the heat evenly sometime the cheap ones have hot spots which can damage your hair.

    Anyway here is a link that should probably help you more

    good luck!
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  • anniemaeanniemae Curl Neophyte Posts: 1,702Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I have a T3 Tourmaline - Bespoke Labs - Narrow Wet-or-Dry - Flat Iron (1 inch). It is model # 83910-se. I really, really love it.

    It eliminates frizz and doesn't dry my hair out. I bought it from amazon.com.
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    ajna wrote: »
    Personally I use the maxiglide, because well one I am lazy and halfway through my head my technique begins to fail I find the teeth and the steam feature really does an amazing job and I can do it rather quickly (about 30 minutes vs the 90 it used to take).

    Having said that I would recommend that you buy a ceramic or tourmaline plated flat iron. They usually distribute the heat evenly sometime the cheap ones have hot spots which can damage your hair.

    Anyway here is a link that should probably help you more

    good luck!

    Very useful information. Dear.
    I bought the ceramic flat irons, and feel very good. Thanks.
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    I use the Nume flat iron that they sell in the malls. I've had it for about a week now and it is so much better than my other one. It is supposed to damage your hair less. Whether this is true or not I don't know but I do expect to see some damage when I'm constantly using heat. It's pretty expensive though.
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    Thank you for all your replies.
    Ajna, I read the maxiglide works with steam. Is that more damaging to the hair than a ceramic flat iron?
  • Meant2beMintMeant2beMint Posts: 1Registered Users
    I have natural hair and when I want it silky straight I use the jIBERE' nano silver flat iron. It is the best thing ever! no damages and I do have very soft hair so what I use is very important. The chi works well but it doesn't straighten as good as the jibere'. It takes me under an hour to straighten my hair. I recommend to anyone with natural hair.
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    Best flat iron? Hands down the Sedu Revolution. THE BEST ever!
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  • xoxobriannamariexoxobriannamarie Posts: 3Registered Users
    i have 3a hair, and i just bought the GVP Ceramic Flat iron! It is sold at sally's beauty supply stores and online, and right now it is only $50!
    It is basically a "knock off" version of the Chi, but to be honest it works better than Chi! plus its only half the price! My friend owed a Chi, and when it broke, she bought a GVP, and she cant even tell the difference!
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  • asugirlasugirl Curl Neophyte Posts: 938Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    For those times I just have to, I use my Remington Shine Therapy flat iron. Got it at Walmart for $34.99 and it works much better than the GHD I returned and the CHI I had that died. You absolutely need temperature control and try to keep the temp as low as you can!

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  • PinkPearlsPinkPearls Posts: 36Registered Users
    I've used Chi, but it always seems to snag my hair. So, after reading tons of reviews, I decided to purchase the Hana Elite. I received my package today...flat iron with free pad and case. They also included a few extra goodies.
  • ninja_stefninja_stef Posts: 42Registered Users
    I second the suggestion of the GVP!
    I had mine for three years, and it worked WAY BETTER than the CHI I had previously. Plus mine came in a really cool color pattern.
    In the way of how much damage it does, I can't really say because I knew nothing about caring for my curls before about a week ago! All I knew was that the 400 something degree GVP ceramic drastically reduced my straightening time!

    Probably the biggest drawback is that mine just stopped working a week and a half ago. (Pretty much the reason I went CG!)
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  • pursuitofhappinesspursuitofhappiness Posts: 16Registered Users
    honestly, I think it depends on your hair texture...I have 3b/3c curls, and I've used HAI, CHI, Solia, GHD and countless drugstore flat irons (gold n hot, revlon etc) The solia wasn't bad, but the movable plates snagged my hair, the HAI was amazing and probably my second favorite. The chi left my ends FRIED regardless of using heat protection. The GHD has been a godsend for me and my friend (she has 3c and maaaaybe 4a curls). The GHD adjusts itself to your hair texture and can sense what temperature you need. Drugstore brands never really got my hair as straight as I liked, the GHD leaves my hair amazingly soft and shiny. My bf has seen me through 4 flat irons (CHI, HAI, solia, GHD) and he definitely noticed a change with the GHD.
  • SandraDgroovySandraDgroovy Posts: 139Registered Users
    Maxiglide and Babybliss Pro are my faves! :iconbiggrin:
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  • taltaltaltal Posts: 614Registered Users
    Thank you so much, for all your recommendations.
  • Shrub MonkeyShrub Monkey Posts: 21Registered Users
    I purchased a corioliss because it was cheaper than a ghd. It has ajustable heat and solid ceramic tourmaline plates.
    I'd still like a ghd as everyone I know who has them loves them but without the ghd price!
    All flat irons will damage your hair though, I read something online a few weeks back about 3rd generation hair straightners which reduce damage.This would be great if they exist. Couldn't find much on them though when I looked them up.
  • EllyEllyOxenFreeEllyEllyOxenFree Curl Neophyte Posts: 6,446Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I have heard great things about the Croc 2 Infrared, so I got that. :)
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  • lisa_beautylisa_beauty Posts: 3Registered Users
    I use HSI flat irons
  • minosminos Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hi I use Paul Mitchell flat iron, it works well for me
  • JeliahJeliah Posts: 248Registered Users
    Another vote for GVP. It's reasonably priced and works just as good as a CHI. The one that I own is about 6yrs old and still in perfect working condition.
  • MariaLuvsKidsMariaLuvsKids Posts: 3Registered Users
    I used to own a Revlon hair straightener but the handle melted. I'm not sure how but I went to use it one day and the plastic was melted off. The handle was sticky and gross. I have no idea what happened to it. I need to buy a new one so I'll be considering these recommendations.
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    I really want to try Rowenta and L'oreal's collaboration, the steampod. Like really really. But it's pricey. XD

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  • PSHPSH Posts: 3Registered Users
    I personally own a Royale Hair Straightener, its a great product, may be you agree with me or not but i have great experience using it regular basis.
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  • CurlyShorty3405CurlyShorty3405 Posts: 196Registered Users
    The Paul Mitchell Pro Tools flat iron is my holy grail.
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  • ReservechicReservechic Posts: 798Registered Users
    I can serious say that I have gone through a large variety of flatirons. And, here are my opinions on all the ones that I did try:

    I have bought the GHD flatiron(limited edition set- works quite well for my hair, but when or if it stops working I don't plan to buy another one, as it's too pricey), an Andis Flatiron (great drugstore flatiron that normally sells under under $30), a Solia Flatiron (I had to go over my hair several passes to get it straight-I no longer own it at this time and have no plans to re-purchase), the original CHI flatiron that comes with a fixed temperature setting (it does work well-I no longer have it at this time though), Conair Steam Flatiron (did not like at all-I don't even know if it's still being sold at all), T3 Flatiron (wasn't super impressed by it, plus it was very costly. I no longer have it and have no plans to repurchase it again). Lava Gold Flatiron (really nice flatiron which gives me great results, however the Walmart where I got it from no longer carries it-so I don't plan on hunting it down if and when it stops working on me. As, my relationship with this flatiron isn't that deep), GVP flatirons from Sally's (I prefer the ones with the adjustable temperature dial, these work great on my hair), and the last Flat Iron that I actually just recently bought was from Sally's, it's called the Chi Elite. I will say that if you don't have a lot of money to spend on a flatiron, I would go with the Andis Flatiron or one of Sally's GVP irons. If you are willing to buy a very expensive flatiron, then I recommend going with a CHI flat iron (preferably one that has an adjustable temperature setting, like the one I have) instead.
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  • Jennifer.WilJennifer.Wil Posts: 3Registered Users
    Karmin! :angel8:
  • curlypearlcurlypearl Curl Connoisseur Posts: 12,231Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I highly recommend XTAVA Professional Flat Iron With Tourmaline Ceramic Plates - (Silk Edition Black). This is available on Amazon. I had another flat iron and it was so cumbersome I threw it out.

    In winter, I tend not to wear my hair curly because I don't want to re-wet it every morning, so I have been doing roller sets or using curling brushes. I want to straighten certain parts that come out too curled. This does the trick. I did a great deal of research before buying it. Check out the great reviews on Amazon.

    I plan to wear my hair curly as soon as the weather changes but I'm very glad to have found this. It might be fine to straighten all my hair with it instead of doing a roller set first, but I am trying to minimize damage. That said, I haven't seen any damage from it on the parts where I've used it.

    Let us know if you get it and what you think! :wave:
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  • olivedolived Posts: 1Registered Users
    I'd recommend Karmin! :love5:
  • margaretphillipmargaretphillip Posts: 1Registered Users
    Best I have ever used is the Karmin :happy7:
  • CurlyGueCurlyGue Posts: 1Registered Users
    I am interested in finding this information out as well. I at one time used a Solia that I absolutely loved. My cousin barrowed it and somehow broke the plates, but didn't have any money to help replace it. (Never have I leant another device out.) Anyhow my little sister had an HAI that she was no longer using. I have used it off and on and I don't really care for it. I doesn't compare to the Solia at all.

    Now I am ready to spend the money and get another really good flat iron; however, I need to take into consideration my daughter's hair as well. She has very, very thick, dry and course hair. She is a 4b/4c I am a 3c/4a. Thinking instead of getting ceramic I should do titanium and make it a steam vapor one, but not for sure. Haven't seem many reviews from natural 4's. Has anyone used a a steam vapor and how is it for your hair?
  • sloka25sloka25 Curl Neophyte Posts: 78Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I have used the Karmin G3 Salon Pro and loved it. The one I use now is the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium. It gets really hot, so I flat iron it at a lower heat setting now.

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