when do you comb your hair (if ever??)

i comb my hair with a wide toothed comb in the shower, however i find i always end up with heaps of hair EVERYWHERE, all over the shower and down the plug, its a nightmare :(

i know quite a few people dont comb their hair at all, how?
i know my hair is really tuggy ... ?

would i be able to do it when i get out of the shower?

or would it be best if i just dont comb it at all?
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  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users
    It depends on the type of curl you have.

    I comb daily, but that's because my spirals are unaffected (they're below the canopy), and I'm a type 2b.

    Combing may just not be right for you.
  • SoficurlsSoficurls Posts: 177Registered Users
    It is normal to lose at least 100 hairs everyday!
    I personally comb my conditioner in the shower and the hair comes off, since the hair that you shed during the day gets trapped in the curls. We curlies do not shed like straight haired people, who just lose their hair and it falls straight down!

    Some people do not like combing their hair and instead they rake the conditioner in the shower with their hands until the hair is knot free :):alien:

    I think it is way better to comb it when you have lots of conditioner in your hair, other wise you can pull it, stretch it and break it.:laughing3:
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    It's true, it will certainly LOOK like you're losing a ton of hair all at once. The reason is that we curlies can only comb hair when it's soaking wet and full of condish, which is most often completed in the shower or immediately out of one. But just like Sof said, you're not dropping all those hairs throughout the day, so think of it like it's built up during each day, and then it all gets to let loose in the shower. The point is, DON'T WORRY, your hair loss is normal, and using the wide toothed comb in the shower is the best way to do it.

    Get a drain cover (a stop-a-clog thing) to stick over your drain and catch your hairs. Pick them out after the shower/bath. This will prevent clogging which will lead to standing ankle-deep in gross water.

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  • NaturalistaNaturalista Posts: 5,491Registered Users
    I comb my hair after I've soaked it with conditioner and I tilt each side to the water stream and as the condish is rinsing out I use the wide tooth to detangle as the warm water runs over my hair. I lose MUCH less hair that way.

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  • Robin-in-FLRobin-in-FL Posts: 1,731Registered Users
    Soficurls wrote: »
    .....I personally comb my conditioner in the shower and the hair comes off, since the hair that you shed during the day gets trapped in the curls. We curlies do not shed like straight haired people, who just lose their hair and it falls straight down!


    People keep saying this but I don't find it to be true at all. My hair comes out in the day, I looked at the wheels on my work chair today and was appalled; and I'm forever having to pull hairs out of the driver's seat in the car, and the vacuum picks up plenty of my hair. AND a lot of mine also comes out in the shower when I comb it. The lady across from me at work has Very Curly hair and also sheds like crazy.

    But back on-topic, unless your hair is some kind of magic non-tangling hair, I think you do have to detangle in some way, by combing, brushing, or picking through it with your fingers, or you will get matted up with tangles. So don't give up combing it out just because your hair comes out, most or all of that is just regular shedding. If your hair isn't thinning, you aren't losing too much.
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  • CurliLocksCurliLocks Posts: 10,572Registered Users Curl Dabbler
    Like Sofi and Shana, I comb in the shower with my conditioner in. I do lose lots of hair at that time. I also use a cover/hair catcher for the drain.
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  • Cameron's CurlsCameron's Curls Posts: 263Registered Users
    aaah i see, that makes sense :)
    yeah, i'll defininetely find one of those dran cover things ... my drain is clogging up majorly ... :confused2::confused2::confused2:
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  • PreciousHoneyPreciousHoney Posts: 254Registered Users
    Also from what I understand you tend to shed more and grow slower in the summer and shed less and grow more in the winter. Not sure where I read that but there ya have it.

    I comb after the shower with my leave in and gel in.
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  • WurlyLoxWurlyLox Posts: 4,858Registered Users
    I usually comb conditioner thru in the shower, but I'm able to catch most of the clumps of it and keep it away from the drain - I slap the wet clumps onto the shower wall and then remove them when I get out - they look like some strange, hairy creatures hanging there!

    I also comb products thru afterward while still wet. I don't otherwise comb it, but I do sometimes very gently brush it just before washing to go ahead and remove some of that loose stuff and to distribute the natural oils - and just because it feels so good to my itchy scalp.

    I do shed a lot all of over the place but a lot less when curly than when I used to wear it straighter.
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  • OnduleeOndulee Posts: 1,264Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I think I'm probably the only one who combs my hair dry but it's because I have a bone comb which doesn't snag, rip or tear my hair.

    Any kind of plastic comb will snap, and break my hair but this bone comb allows me to comb very slowly and carefully, standing over a garbage can where I comb out all the loose hairs before I shower, wash and conditon my hair.

    I love this comb, it has not damaged my hair at all.

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    You can buy a little hair catcher thingie for the shower. I use mine religiously and so does my daughter.

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