First time trying CJ products

After reading up on the popular products around the board these days, I got some samples of lots of the CJ products and the Spiral Solutions products. Everything arrived today and I had to try some of it out immediately (of course)...

Here is the routine I tried:
Poo: Shampoo Bar
Rinse Out Condish: Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Daily Hair Conditioner
Leave-in: [buylink=]Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme[/buylink]-Lite (dime to nickle sized blob) on soaking wet hair
Plopped for 5 mins in flour sack towel
Gel: [buylink=]Curl Junkie Curls In A Bottle[/buylink] (dime to nickle sized blob)
Diffused til 95% dry
Applied a tiny bit more [buylink=]CJ CIAB[/buylink] to tame some frizzies from diffusing

Pics are posted in my flickr account. I'm not super impressed with the results. The frizzies are definitely from diffusing but my curls are not as tight as they usually get with my typical routine (KBB Hair Milk + [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink]). Anyone have any advise on how I could make this combo work? I'm gonna try the SS products tomorrow I think. Hopefully I'll have better luck with that.
3a, medium texture, low porosity(?)
Poo: KC Come Clean
Rinse-out Condish: Jessicurl Too Shea
Leave-in: KCKT
Styling Products: KCCC, HETT/HESMU, Joiwhip
Weekly Treatment: Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioner
Monthly Treatment: Henna

Hair Pics (most I've hidden from public view but if you want to see more, PM me and I'll open up the security on them): /home/leaving?" class="Popup