Is my hair going curly(or wavy)?

malinamihmalinamih Registered Users Posts: 5
the whole back section:

and 1 strand of hair:

What do you think?My hair used to be wavy-ish but i discovered...I needed another opinion.:king:
Almost a curly!:farao:


  • GottaLoveCurlyGottaLoveCurly Registered Users Posts: 56
    It's possible that it is.
    I mean, my hair was straight when I was younger and then it went curly, so it's possible. But that's only one itty bitty piece of hair, you can't be too sure yet. :)
    But if you do become a fellow curly, embrace it! No straightening your curls!!
    Embracing my curls!
    Type of Hair: 2b/3a
    Conditioner: GF Triple Nutrition / HETS Conditioner
    Mousse: HETT Mousse
    Gel: GF Curl Enhancing Gel
    Extra: Aloe, Aveno and Honey!! :D

    Current hair length: Just past shoulder length!
    Goal: To have beautiful BSL hair!:love4:



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