Should I keep going?

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New to these boards and hoping for some advice. I've always had very curly hair. Tight curls in what I think you all would call a 3b style. I've always kept in shaved close as I was teased as a child, same old story.
Recently while looking at my childhood photos I realised I was lucky to have a full head of curly hair and decided to let it grow out. It's been five months now and I'm torn as to wether I should continue or not.
Problems like frizz, etc. make my hair hard to control. Also sometimes my hair looks curlier on one side of my head than the other :laughing6: I've been using Tigi Bedhead for Men which is just ok. Maybe there are better products out there for control.
Also how often should I get a haircut when I'm trying to get some length? My hairdresser reckons every 6 weeks so that it maintains a shape and doesn't just go crazy. Is this good advice. If i get it cut every six weeks it will surely take forever to gain any length? All advice appreciated.


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    i think you should just grow it out with out cutting it until you reach your desired length. (unless you notice some serious damage to your ends for some reason)

    when i first grew my hair out, i got it trimmed once, in the almost three years that i grew it out, and i didn't have much damage to my hair.

    i'm no professional, but i've never been able to understand why people think its necessary to trim your hair so often. if you manage it well in its growth period, i would think that would be unnecessary. hair grows from the scap, so if you keep cutting it, it will take longer to reach your desired length.

    as far as the frizz you talked about. try the basics, moisture rich conditioner, no sulfate shampoo, or use your sulfate shampoo less often. don't towel dry your hair. oh and just because a product say "curly" on it, doesn't mean its garenteed to work for you. it take time to figure out whats best.

    since you said you've keeped your hair buzzed for a while. it may take a moment for your hair to adjust back to it natural curl pattern after being cut so many times.

    for control, have you tried any light gels?
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    Didn't you post this a week or so ago? I remember answering the same question.
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    Well it's been a few months now and i'm still torn as to whether to keep going. My hair is much longer now and it is taking some getting used to. It's still only a few inches long all over at times it just sits in clumps of curls that exposes little bits of my scalp. Is this just me? I think the products I use are quite heavy and tend to cause clumps of hair to define and not very uniformly. Should I use a comb to sort of even the curls out when it's still wet? I've gotten some compliments but some people really don't like it. :lol:
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    You can try to use your fingers to break up some of the bigger clumps of hair. When I'm styling my hair, I use my fingers to act like a wide tooth comb. I rake my fingers in at my scalp and then I run my hand down and out of my hair with my fingers together (and the hair running between them) to get the hair I'm separating to clump together in the smaller curls.

    About the scalp: First: you mean that you can see yoru scalp where the curls clump together right? If so, I'm not sure that anything, short of going for a more windblown look is going to cover all spots on your scalp. But if its a lot, maybe just fluff the hair at your scalp by sliding your fingers along your scalp and then sort of shaking them back and forth a little so that you get rid of any extra clumping of curls against your scalp. That *might* help cover any bare scalp spots.

    Good luck and I hope my suggestions help.
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    Hello mate,

    There are not many guys actively posting so it is always refreshing to see another male. I was living in Ireland (Dublin) until last year when I moved to a completely different country and one thing I noticed was that there were many curly haired guys in Ireland and their hair was dark as opposed to the stereotypical ginger hair. I was told of the "black irish", who stems from the spanish soldiers who arrived to Ireland when Spain was at war with England, hence many irish pass as mediterraneans (especially the girls, I was truly amazed at this fact, many were absolutely stunning). As a fellow spaniard with curly hair, I welcome you to the forum.

    My advice is to continue growing it but it will be a long and bumpy journey. The hair will look awkward many times and you will want to cut it and be done with it. Do hang in there and picture yourself with the desired length and how truly good-looking you will end up. Many girls love guys with long curls (as long as their hair is looked after and doesn't look dirty) and the feel of the curls flowing as you walk or move your head is quite nice.

    As to how to gain length, do not go to the barber, full stop. I made the mistake of growing my curls from a high and tight haircut which means the hair at the top of my head is currently about 8 inches long whilst the hair at the sides and back is only 3 inches long. It wasn't my intention to grow my curls back then but one day I decided to see how long I could go, just like you. Thus, my recommendation is to avoid the barber, perhaps only trim the side burns but let the rest grow. If you have a dense hairpiece like I do, the hair will not start looking "less than awkward" until you achieve at least 6 inches of length, which can take anywhere from half a year to a year and a half depending on your actual length.

    Let me know what you decide and if you want to continue with this journey.

    All the best,

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    Thank you Curlyminx and Royboy for your quick and informative replys. Intersting Royboy you mention the black Irish as I am regularly mistaken for being mediteranean, north african, etc. and yes you are right about our stunning Irish women!!! I have sallow skin and dark curly hair not unlike your own. Could you possibly let me in on your hair care secrets? How often do you wash? What products you use? I already sleep on a satin pillow but find that my hair is still very frizzy and unmanagable in the morning and needs to be wet a little to gain some shape. Is this the right thing to do or should I avoid wetting my hair everyday. I wash it every other day with Aussie conditioner and haven't used shampoo in six months. All advice appreciated.

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